Towards the Superior Worlds — Part I

From the Earth to the Heart of the Father’s Heart

In this course, we will talk about the stages we are destined to go through in our life, not only in our life on earth but also in the one in the hereafter. We are all familiar with the stages of a human life on earth: childhood, adolescence, adult and old age. But those which concern the life of the soul, which will never end, are much less known. They are studied much less, precisely because few people in society progress along them!

Here are the different themes to be dealt with:

  • Diagram of the stages in the spiritual life
  • Mental prayer is the point of departure for the ascent
  • The importance of meditation, of reflection
  • The souls in purgatory
  • The celestial phase
  • The first Mansions
  • The second Mansions
    • The importance of silence
    • One of the 14 “S”
    • A loving meditation
    • The call to a divine intimacy
    • The devil’s action
  • The example of Carlos Acutis