Second Summer Camp 2019 Conference
— for Youth 15 and over —

In the conference on wisdom, we spoke of the loftiest things a human being can think about. In this conference, we will look at things which are more elevated than what a human being can think about. We will plunge our gaze into the infinite of God, into His Truth, letting ourselves be uplifted by it towards celestial horizons.

Here are the different themes to be dealt with:

  • The physical and psychic crust
  • Our real identity
  • The devil’s lies
  • Circumscribing our thoughts and hearts
  • The energy of the future
  • The four states of matter
  • Plasma
  • Reflections of the spiritual life in nature
  • The living Tokamak
  • Interior transmutation
  • The temperature of absolute zero
  • The New Pentecost

NB: Since the topic here is astract, this presentation is not appropriate for those who are younger than 14 years old.

Here is the link referenced in the course: Link.